RX-7 AFM Step by Step

Picked up the FC (non turbo) RX-7 AFM yesterday, complete with OEM bolts, adaptor plate and K&N pod to suit. Post a WTB thread on http://www.ausrotary.com if your looking for one too.. They can be had for around $40 (I paid extra for the plate and pod).

Update: Found some simple step by step instructions that I will be following thanks to MazKid @ miata.net forums

“With the RX-7 B-code AFM on my Protege, I believe I can help.

First, get your car running with the AFM. Just start the car, let it warm up til it idles. You’ll probably have to turn up the idle for a bit.

Take the top off the AFM. With the engine running, turn the black piece(what’s it called) that’s linked to the flapper door. You’ll notice if you turn it the car will either run rougher or better.

Then, mark the stock location of the gear wheel where the clip holds it from turning. Also, on the black plastic piece, you’ll see the allen bolt. There’s a piece of metal that’s under it, 2 pieces, mark the location of the top piece on the bottom piece.

What comes next is, loosen that allen bolt. Then turn the black piece clockwise. There should be a space between that mark you left on the metal piece and the metal piece on top. Doing this makes the car run leaner as it adjusts the meter clockwise. Remember, clockwise=lean, counter clockwise=rich.

Once that has been adjusted, using 2 pocket screw drivers or pick tools, depress the clip and carefully turn the gear wheel clockwise. This will put more tension on the flapper door which will make it run leaner still.

You’ll end up tuning the AFM multiple times and taking multiple trips around the block to check your work.”

Update: Needed some bits and pieces to get the piping right, 1 x silicon hose, 1 x small length of polished pipe and a hose clamp – $24 – Not bad.

Another update: Fitted it all up, I needed to use one of the bolts from the suspension tower as the swhole setup is too big to fit on the original bolt, as shown in the pic below. And now in the middle of tuning.



  1. Hi. Like the post. Nice attention to detail on the install too. I’ve recently got one of these AFM’s for my MX5. I was hoping you could help me… I plugged in the AFM. Before I found a final place for it to sit etc I tried to start the car, but nothing happened. The car won’t fire. Am I doing something wrong? Can’t figure it out! Many Thanks.


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